• Premium quality vacation Villas with views of with great location in the middle of Vierumäki sport resort & The Sport institute of Finland
    • New modern vacation village of the most beautiful models of Honka
    • A little bit over an hour from Helsinki-Vantaa airport

Villa models are Tuuma 180 m2, Safiiri 120 m2 and Honka Twin Houses 104,7 m2.

Tuuma 2-storied (180 m2)


The Flagship Vacation Home of Premium Resorts

The Tuuma-collection plays off the pleasant contrast of living wood and modern aesthatics. Large window surfaces and sheltered terrace and balcony areas form a natural link between the outside world and the living spaces.

Terrace would be a perfect place to put a high quality Artesian Spa jazussi to ensure a total relaxation after day of exercise.

Price 695.000 €
Share of plot 526 € / m2
Available for 11 / 11 villas

Pictures of the model

Safiiri (120 m2)



The Safiiri is a stylish and elegant choice for a home or recreational dwelling. The sheltered terrace complements the living spaces – in the summertime all you have to do is open the terrace doors and you add an extra room to your house! The Safiiri floor plans are efficient and straightforward. The garage forms a part of the total package.

Price 485.000 €
Share of plot 526 € / m2
Available for 6 / 6 villas

Pictures of the model

Honka Twin houses (104,7 m2)



The villas at Honka’s Village offer a remote tranquil setting coupled with wonderful location in the heart of Largest all year round wellsness & sporting resort in Vierumäki. The detached and semi-detached villas, designed for Honka by Schauman Architects, were built using solid wood logs. Intended for round-the-year use, the energy efficiency of these Honka holiday properties is additionally enhanced with the addition of a feature wall that allows stunning panoramic windows to be installed. All properties are heated using locally produced energy and hydronic underfloor heating systems
When we designed these Honka houses and outbuildings, we wanted to place them in a pattern inspired by small Alpine villages. The architectural idiom for the semi-detached properties is classic with modern touches. In these cosy and welcoming properties, the stunning nature that surrounds them is forever present.

Martin Poganitsch, Architect, Schauman Arkkitehdit Oy

The stylish semi-detached holiday properties have an internal floor area of 85 m2, with a 35 m2 mezzanine floor and a spacious 40 m2 outdoor patio, as well as two separate bedrooms. The design brief was to create light-filled interiors with panoramic views of the surrounding landscape in Finnish nature.
Thanks to the mezzanine floor, the Honka holiday properties are suitable for up to eight guests. They come complete with an additional 9 m2 storage area that is ideal for sports equipment.

  • Project type: Residential area
  • Living area: 85 m2 + loft 35 m2
  • Patio: 40 m2
  • Bedrooms: 4
  • Method of heating: Geothermal heat pump and hydronic underfloor heating
  • Architect: Schauman Architecs
Price 439.000 €
Share of plot 526 € / m2
Available for 0 / 6 villas

Pictures of the model


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