Being the first industrial manufacturer of log houses in the world, Honka has always been at the very forefront of the wood processing industry.

Using cutting-edge production technology, Honka processes the wood into the best possible construction material for houses that will endure even extreme conditions. The high level of automation in production helps ensure that the woodwork behind every Honka house is dimensionally accurate, which makes the on-site installation and building processes quick and precise.

Tested and Certified:

Honka has been granted the ISO 90004 quality certificate. Our operations are certified in accordance with the ISO 14001 environmental standard.
Honka was the first European manufacturer of wooden houses to receive the right to mark its products with the CE marking. The CE mark means that the product meets the requirements of EU regulations on construction products.
Honka Terve Talo™ on markkinoiden ainut VTT:n sertifioima terve talo -ratkaisu. Se on kehitetty yhteistyössä Allergia-, iho- ja astmaliiton kanssa. Honka Terve Talo™ täyttää tiukat vaatimukset mm. sisäilman puhtauden, materiaalien vähäpäästöisyyden, rakenteiden kosteusturvallisuuden ja rakennustekniikan osalta.
VTT:n sertifioiman Honka Terve Talo™ -konseptin lisäksi VTT on vertaillut Honkarakenteen toimeksiannosta sisäilman suhteellisen ilmankosteuden vuorokautisia vaihteluita ja mitannut lamelli-hirsiseinien emissioita. Honkarakenteen hirsiseinien on todettu tasaavan ilmankosteuden vaihteluita merkittävästi ja täyttävän M1-päästöluokan kriteerit. Lue lisää: Hirren ja sisäilman kosteusvuorovaikutus pientalossa, VTT-tutkimusraportti VTT-R-04297-14.
The PEFC Certification guarantees that Honka’s raw material originates from certified Finnish forests. We never use wood from protected regions.
All Honka houses are built from Finnish Pine in our own mill in Karstula, Finland.

Honka Fusion™ is our very own state-of-the-art concept that allows genuine massive wood to be easily combined with other building materials, such as glass, stone and steel. The non-settling Honka Fusion log allows us to build bolder and more diverse structures than ever before. Honka Fusion houses are very suitable for modern architecture and urban settings.

Honka Fusion revolutionised the log house design

Since wood is an organic material, it changes its form over time. When wood dries, for example, it shrinks in the direction of its radius, which causes many traditional log houses to settle. Because innovation has always been our answer to the design and building challenges we face, we knew we could come up with the perfect solution: a non-settling log that allows us to build bolder and more diverse structures than ever before.

The Honka Fusion log is manufactured from six sections that are laminated crosswise. The solution is based on minimizing the effects of settling with vertical middle layers of laminated logs. The non-settling characteristic is achieved by using a vertical wood lamella in the middle, a wood-on-wood profile, tight bolting that eliminates installation clearances and a special drying process.

You can study more of high quality building concepts of Honkarakenne https://www.honka.fi/fi/.